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10'x10' Wide Traditional Frame Tents

10'x10' Frame Tent - Pick A Tent Top Color

Item to be Quoted

Our selection of frame rental tents includes tents with a variety of colors and designs, including white, blue and white, red and white and yellow and white in a variety of sizes such as 10-foot-wide, 20-foot-wide and 30-foot-wide tents in lengths and a variety of lengths from 10-feet-wide to 200-feet-wide.

Our rental tent service is unmatched, ensuring your frame tent is delivered and set up on time and in full. Removal and pickup is also on time, getting you out of your space as scheduled.

Frame tents are one item among our wide variety of items we have for rent, including rental tables and rental chairs.

Sizes available: 10'x10' Marquee Tents are available in 10' wide to greater than 100' length. 

Color options: White, Pink & White, Black & White, Blue & White, Green & White, Orange & White, Purple & White, Red & White and Yellow & White.

Must be installed by Ultimate Events and can be installed on any surface.  

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