Electric Hot Box

$236.50 (base price)

Our electric hot box is an ideal option for use at your wedding reception, banquet or special event.

We also offer other food preparation, catering and kitchen equipment for rent to ensure your guests receive the highest-quality food preparation and presentation.

This is among a variety of rental hot boxes and ovens we offer in conjunction with a range of rental serving bowls, trays and utensils to ensure your event is exceptional

Being among the largest Twin Cities rental companies, Ultimate Events inventory is unmatched, providing with certainty that we can fulfill all your needs for your special day.

25 1/2"w x 35"dx73"h

15 AMP, 1360 Watt 

20 AMP, 1950 Watt

HOLDING INSTRUCTIONS (Combo, Holding & Moisture Holding)

1. Set Combination Module switch to HOLD.

2. Set POWER switch to the ON position.

3. Set TEMPERATURE control to 10.

4. On Moisture Holding only: Set MOISTURE  control to 10.

5. Pre-heat cabinet until desired temperature  is reached (typical heat-up time from 72°F (22°C)  ambient to 160°F (71°C) is approximately  45 minutes).

6. Re-set TEMPERATURE control and adjust as  necessary to reach the desired temperature  (setting 6-8 typical for 150°F (66°C) to 160°F  (71°C)). Power indicator light will turn on  and off as the heat thermostat cycles.

7. On Moisture Holding only: Adjust MOISTURE  control to desired level (10 being highest level,  1 lowest level, OFF being no heat to the water).  The indicator lights will turn on and off as the  heat and moisture thermostats cycle. 

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